Most crawl spaces have vents which allow outside air into the space. Problem is that this air is often damp and carries mold spores and musty odors, providing the perfect environment for insects and other pests, as well as wood rot. DryOtter has the solutions for potentially damaging or harmful crawl spaces…from the simplest cracks, to the most severe moisture concerns.

Crawl Space Liner


Our solution to all of these issues is, White Cap Crawl space liner. It is a durable, professional grade crawl space liner the serves as a vapor barrier system with poly cord reinforcement and anti-microbial additive manufactured right into the material.

White Cap encapsulates the crawl space, isolating the home from the damp earth to stop destructive moisture. It protects you from water intrusion, mold, rodents, insects, wood rot and musty odors… providing a safe, clean space for storage.


Crawl spaces can be very difficult to navigate, so let the experts to the work. Contact us to find out if your crawl space is letting moisture cause damage or contaminating your home’s air quality.

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