Cracked Walls – Carbon Fiber Strips

When it comes to poured concrete, cracks are not a matter of if but when. Naturally concrete shrinks and expands as it cures, which can cause cracks. Tree roots, water pressure buildup from poor drainage and outside water control can also lead to non structural concrete cracks. The more serious cracks are structural cracks from hydrostatic pressure, freeze and thaw cycles in the soil, and wall shifts, footers sinking and settlement all can cause concrete cracks.

Cracked Walls – Epoxy Injections

Surface treatments are never the right option for fixing concrete foundation cracks. The concrete foundation cracks need to be fixed with crack injection. Typically, non structural cracks are repaired with crack injection materials. If the crack is non structural and merely leaking, many contractors install a simple polyurethane to stop the leak and fill the crack. However, if the poured wall is cracked it will most likely crack again. There is usually something causing the crack and weakening the wall. Because this epoxy will fill the crack, strengthen the wall, and stop the leak. If the crack is moving it needs to be filled with an epoxy. Epoxy bonds to the concrete inside the cracks and creates a rigid, solid repair. It literally makes the crack bond to the wall again as if the crack was never there. It makes the wall actually stronger than it was before. In addition to epoxy crack injection, some cracks that move (open and close) also need carbon fiber staples. The carbon fiber staples can stop the structural crack from moving.

If your foundation cracks are due to the foundation sinking, then fixing the crack is like putting a band-aid on when you need surgery. If the cracks in your foundation is a sign of settlement, then you will need to call a piering contractor to discuss a solution. A combination of underpinning and carbon fiber wall supports and epoxy crack injection may be turn out to be the best solution. Overall, a professional foundation repair contractor should inspect your cracked foundation to make sure it isn’t signifying more serious structural issues with your house.


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