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“Create a healthier & safer environment”
Dry Otter Basement recognizes that the basement is an important part of your home. We are the basement waterproofing experts here in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois that can correct the most difficult moisture and water problems in a manner that does not introduce health hazards.

We are recognized for creating a comfortable dry basement environment while maintaining our commitment to do what is right for our customers. We approach every basement with a mindset of good health for both people and the integrity of the basement foundation. We present our customers with a total solution and the reasons why. .

No matter what steps are taken, big or small, each step must be in alignment with safe and good health practices.

We professionally install basement moisture & water control systems that eliminate the entry of water and moisture in a basement.

Water and Moisture Control Services

Full Perimeter Basement Drainage Systems
Sump Pump Systems
Humidity Control Systems
Air Quality Control Systems
Foundation Repair

Basement Waterproofing Southern WI & Northern IL

Dry Otter Basement Waterproofing and Foundation Repair represent over 20 years of expert experience in the construction and water treatment industry in South Central Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. We have repaired the toughest residential, commercial, and industrial basement water and moisture problems. This means that you get the highest quality repairs for your home – period. You can be assured that the appropriate repair option will be used for you. Click below to request your free inspection!.

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