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Water & Moisture Control

Closed System Basement Waterproofing Drainage

"Healthier for your family and your foundation"

The heart of a closed system is an ingenious dual chamber drainage channel that is unique in the industry and provides a way to draw water from the outside walls as well as from the center of the basement. Placed in a shallow trench they work together with a specially designed basement wall vapor barrier, to direct all water and moisture into a drainage conduit.

Access ports, strategically located along the system allow for easy inspection make certain the system continues to work efficiently for years. An airtight Grate Sump liner encases a reliable Pro-Series pump. Together with the liner, it is mounted in a manner that does not undermine the integrity of the foundation. A double pump switch that makes sure it turns on when it's supposed to assure its dependability.

Finally, a strong seamless drain makes certain that all water collected is removed away from the basement.


Closed Drainage System




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Dry Otter Basement Waterproofing & Concrete Raising
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